Who is Carol Denise Ward?

I am based in Westborough, MA with my husband since 1982. I am a retired IT Director and Accountant and a graduate of Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island where I received my BS in Business Administration and Accounting.

I first worked in the accounting industry in the beginning of my professional journey but quickly learned that I had a knack of growing companies and brought the company from 9 million to over 1 billion in just 8 years. My next company (the beginning of the IT journey) I was instrumental in growing them from 400 million to 1.2 billion. You can say I became masterful at creating growth, empowering people and designing and maintaining systems for maximum efficiency.

My passions aren’t limited to growing companies, I am also an active fundraiser for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and have been key in raising over 100K every year in our local branch and over 3 million in the Boston branch. Another love of mine is working with the Community Harvest Project in Grafton to make sure that the local people all have access to fresh food and annually we are providing 953,000 servings of local produce.

As if that was not enough, I make sure that all the fundraising events for Find The Cause Breast Cancer Foundation are successful.

I also run a SendOutCards business and am currently a senior manager with a team of over 40 individuals who are running their own thriving businesses.

My goal is to be able to significantly fund the ending of breast cancer and feeding underserved families.

I truly believe that anyone can live their dreams and am on a mission to make sure that you can too. I take all of my professional and charitable experience and put it to work making sure that people feel good about themselves and are able to act powerfully in the areas that matter the most.

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